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Yv3s Sanskrit यवेस
Born at Oct. 1984 in the South of Germany. 
At the age of 13 he had the first contact to trance and psychedelic music. 
At this time he played the bass guitar in a german punkband named Gekaut und Ausgespuckt and he makes his first DJ experience with Vinyl teached by Mesu.T the owner of Feierkind Records. 5 years later Yv3s founded his first own electronic music project in the German Wave-Gothic-Scene, named by his real name Yves Ramon Hackner. Later he changed the name and music genre of this. Now he makes Industrial music under the name Minds of Sickness. 2008 he founded with an friend in Ludwigsburg, a second Industrial Project it was named Clinic Sex. 2010 Yv3s have to begin for Compiled his first CD Compilation together with DJ Martin Sprissler the owner of UP|Scene Records and the Gothic-Magazine. In spring 2014 Yv3s have to meet Martin R. the founder from Ysono Decorations and Ysono Partys, that was the only moment where all have really to beginn with the Ysono Collective. As early as the autumn of 2014 Ysono Records was Born, another Part of the Ysono Colective with the conception and inspirations from Yv3s. But without the help of other musicians Atsara, Iguasha and Devon-X, Ysono Records never had to established. Now see what the future will still bring us so everything with The Ysono Collective. Until then you love all good and peace, the psychedelic spirituality lives in us all.

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